• 2016 Detroit Music Awards - Outstanding Blues Vocalist
  • 2015 Detroit Music Awards - Outstanding Urban Vocalist
  • 2014 Detroit Music Awards - Outstanding Acoustic Vocalist & Outstanding Urban/Funk Vocalist
  • 2014 Detroit Black Music Awards - Entertainer of the Year

From her trademark fedora hat to her
marvelous mix of Blues, Rock, Funk,...
and R&B, Detroit singer Tosha Owens has
the word performer written all over her.
While most singers struggle to create a
unique Brand Identity for themselves,
there’s no doubting what Tosha is all
about and why audiences are always
asking for more.

If you miss the sounds of classic Rock
singers like Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks or
Pat Benatar, Tosha will bring them back
for you. If you want some Funk, her
covers of Chaka Khan will thrill you.
And if you yearn for the Rhythm and Blues
sounds of singers like Gladys Knight or Etta
James, she’ll give you that, too.

Tosha’s distinctive and versatile voice
can be heard on the stages of popular
Detroit venues like “St. Andrews Hall, Bert’s
Place, Callahan’s Music Hall, The Ribs &
Blues Festival, The Concert of Colors, The
Magic Bag, and MGM Grand Detroit.
When Tosha performs, she always packs
the house with a longtime following of
dedicated fans and new admirers. Why?
Because she delivers a unique sound
and performance that no other Detroit
singer can provide. “she’s gritty. “she’s
bluesy. “she’s funky. “she rocks.

Her recent collaboration with Motown
producer, Barrett Strong, is even more
testimony to her talent and appeal.

After years of performing at Detroit’s top
nightclubs with great artists like Jim McCarty,
Belita Woods, Michael Hampton, SRC, and Misty
Love, Tosha finally earned the admiration and
respect she had worked many years for.
In April 2014, Tosha was chosen by her colleagues
and fans as the outstanding Urban / Funk Vocalist
and Outstanding Acoustic / Folk Vocalist of the
Year at the prestigious Detroit Music Awards at
The Fillmore Theatre and she walked away with
two coveted trophies. High praise indeed.
But awards aside, the words of her fans are what
really drive her. "We can tell that you FEEL what
you’re singing. You make the song a part of
yourself. You connect with us in the audience."
Tosha’s response? "singing brings me satisfaction.
“seeing joy in people’s eyes or putting a smile on a
stranger’s face just makes me happy."
Remember the Name. Remember the Voice.
Remember the Hat. It’s Tosha Owens. Special.

“Tosha has a unique, raspy, passionate voice that touches people’s souls. She moves easily
from Blues to Rock to Funk to Soul and delivers her songs with a distinctive style. She is a
singer, an artist and an entertainer. No one like her around.”
Gerry Zonca
Emmy Nominated Producer

“Tosha Owens is a great and soulful singer with that classic Detroit vibe! Whether she sings
lead or backup, whether she’s on stage or in the studio, whether she’s rehearsing or performing,
Tosha delivers a powerful vocal performance. She’s the consummate Pro in the studio and an
incredibly gifted performer. AND she’s a great person and a joy to work with!”
Brian Pastoria
Producer - Harmonie Park Media & Entertainment Group

“Tosha Owens is a consummate professional and always on
point. She has a amazing voice and personality to
match. It's always a pleasure to work with Ms Owens.”
Kern Brantley
Former Music Director for Beyonce & Mary J Blige